How confidently can you answer these questions?

Are you certain the Results Test is satisfied?

Are you certain the 80% rule applies?

Could you inadvertently be operating 'sham' contracting?

Could a court 'deem' your contractors to be employees?

If you had difficulty answering any of these questions then...


Risk Avoidance

Non-compliance exposes your company to significant business risks. Workforce Advisors Group offers engagement solutions to minimise or entirely avoid the traps and pitfalls associated with independent contracting.

Substantial Benefits

The Workforce Advisors Group engagement models offer substantial benefits for companies, over and above those regularly associated with the engagement of independent contractors.

Case Studies

Perhaps the best examples of what Workforce Advisors Group does, these case studies outline the problems faced by companies engaging contingent workers and some of the practical solutions offered.


The Problem of Independent Contracting

Many businesses seek to engage independent contractors for the substantial benefits offered by a contingent workforce, but do not consider or fully understand the risks involved if this is done improperly. If proper care is not taken in establishing a compliant engagement, both companies and individuals may be subject to additional obligations and penalties by the ATO and other statutory authorities.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Workforce Advisors Group offers a number of contractor engagement models that not only avoid these risks, but also provide substantial benefits to both parties over and above those usually available in a contractor-client relationship.

The Workforce Advisors Group Difference

We focus on YOU

From the moment we meet or talk on the phone, you’ll see that our focus is on you, on your objectives, on understanding your unique circumstances, and importantly, on delivering you the optimum solution.

Informed Decision-Making

We understand the gravity of decisions surrounding contractor compliance and restructuring, so before we even recommend you move forward with Workforce Advisors Group, we’ll prepare an in-depth cost-benefit analysis for you, demonstrating all the achievable financial results.

No 'Meter Ticking'

We view all meetings with you as an investment in building a mutually beneficial relationship, so we are happy to conduct those meetings free of charge and without obligation.

Working in Partnership

You’ll find we are very much hands on, always ready to provide support and practical advice throughout the change of management and implementation processes, and indeed throughout the ‘life’ of our relationship.

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